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  • Kitchen countertops design and fabrication
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Italian Made Granite

Why Granite?
Granite countertops are the classic, enduring choice. The advantages of granite counter tops are many - it doesn't chip easily, it's heat and stain-resistant, is more low-maintenance than other natural stone materials and offers a depth of design that's difficult to match with synthetic materials. However, there are disadvantages. If you do damage your granite countertop, it's very difficult to repair. It's also the most expensive option of all the materials listed here. And, even though it's considered relatively low maintenance, it will need to be sealed once a year to prevent it from absorbing stains and odors.

Brazilian Made Marble

Why Marble?
Marble countertops are another classic choice. It's softer than granite, so it needs to be sealed more often. However, if you are a baker, a marble counter top is almost the best choice. These materials unparalleled in its ability to maintain a cool temperature even when you are working on it. Like granite, marble is very resistant to heat. Another way that it's similar to granite is in price - but expect to pay even more for marble.


Why Quartz?
Quartz countertops also become popular in our modern kitchens. Uniformity of color is one of the primary advantages of quartz countertops. When the slabs of quartz are manufactured, the appearance is consistent throughout. Quartz countertops are also virtually maintenance-free. They are easy to clean, requiring nothing more than warm, soapy water. Versatility is another of the most appealing advantages of quartz countertops. They can be used for many different applications during a kitchen renovation. Other advantages also include: scratch- and scorch-resistant, durable and anti-bacteria.

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